When considering the best materials to use to customize and upgrade your kitchen, nothing compares to the durability and luxurious appeal of granite, especially for countertops. Granite is a naturally occurring stone widely available. Because of the different mineral concentrations found throughout the world, it can come in relatively diverse color patterns allowing for a unique appearance. No matter what kind of granite you choose, you are guaranteed a custom look for your kitchen

Of all the natural materials available for custom kitchen countertops, granite is the most durable, able to hold up against heat and cutlery. It can withstand the heat of a pot removed from the stove and placed directly onto the countertop with minimal risk of discoloration. No need for cutting boards that can harbor bacteria over time and need replacing because granite is strong enough to resist scratching since the minerals comprising the stone surpass the strength of many utensils. With its naturally polished surface it is easy to clean with a simple wipe down or use of warm soapy water. No harsh or abrasive cleaners necessary.

Granite provides the best value for kitchen upgrades for a long lasting improved overall look. It is one of the only materials with an elegant form as well as complete practical functionality. With a skilled installation you can have a seamless integration with virtually any sink style. It is even possible to specially cut granite to allow for a customized soap dispensers or hose attachments around the sink.

As beautiful as granite is, with its customizable design, and unique color blends, it is an investment that does not necessarily go beyond your budgeting means. In some cases it may be possible to find precut granite slabs that meet the detentions of the countertops you are seeking to replace, which can cut costs.

Affordable Surface Products offers a variety of granite selections from standard to exotic options to create your ideal kitchen countertops. We service Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, and the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina.