Granite is the most popular stone material to use for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The benefits of any granite countertop are evident upon first sight. You can see the value in the beautiful upgrade, which instantly transforms any kitchen into a luxury setting. The same thing happens in the bathroom. Granite may even encourage residents and guests to tidy up a little. Same principle carries into the basement, at the bar.

Designing your basement bar should take as much thought as designing any other room. Ideally, the bar is being designed with guests in mind. And guests can be impressed with how a bar is decorated just like they are with a kitchen. But we know it’s not all about “the look”. The same home value increase that’s added in the kitchen will be added in the basement. A granite countertop on the bar can cause a potential buyer to bid more on the house, seeing the bar as a bonus. Or not having granite could mean a lower bid, because they don’t see any value in keeping the bar. It would cost them to tear it down.

Think of all the rooms in the house that are prone to get wet. The bar is right up there on the list. Typically having its own sink, and a consistent pouring of drinks, “wet” comes with the territory. Instead of using a material that will absorb liquids and start to deteriorate, you will want to use granite, something impervious to liquids. Granite countertops are not only the most beautiful, but also a durable stone that’s really built for anything your bar can dish out.

Every basement is different, but a lot of basements use darker color schemes for less vibrant themes and moods. Still, other basements may want to liven up the atmosphere. This is where granite can certainly come in handy. It’s very versatile and can complement most any style and décor. When designing your basement bar, definitely consider all the benefits that a granite bar countertop will add to the home.