We’re big fans of granite over here at Affordable Surface Products and so are our clients.  Granite is an extremely popular option used by many for remodeling projects due to its beauty, affordability and durability.  But few realize that historically granite has had multiple uses.  A recent article in USA Today outlines some of those uses.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

One of the more famous areas of America using granite is the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  The face carvings of four U.S. presidents on the south eastern side of Mount Rushmore is all granite.  Initially the idea was to promote South Dakota’s politicians.  But others insisted the project should honor national leaders and their accomplishments.  Over 3 million people visit the monument annually.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located in Constitution Gardens near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.  What made this possible, according to the USA article, is fundraising of veterans and families who wanted to honor soldiers lost in combat.  This is made with granite, sandblasted with more than 58,000 names of veterans who died or were missing in action.  It’s a touching place and well worth a visit.

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial fountain

The beloved Princess of Wales is honored in London’s Hyde Park with a memorial fountain. It is made from 545 pieces of Cornish granite and shaped by computer-controlled images.  This is said to reflect the beloved Princess’s life.  The granite fountain flows from the highest point cascading into a pool.  Three bridges can be crossed directly to the fountain.  This symbolizes the princess’s openness and quality, Royal Park officials say.

Want to learn more about granite?

Granite was quarried long, long ago in ancient Egypt.  Historians say its original purpose was for construction.  This natural stone was even then admired for being strong and durable and for having a huge range of textures, including medium to coarse.  In addition to its textures, its range of colors was admired as well.

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