Granite is a durable natural stone available in a wide variety of color gradations with varying flecks of quartz, feldspar and mica guaranteeing a unique look no matter what kind you choose. Granite tiles can open up a world of interesting design options for your home or business that go beyond simple floor plans. Granite tiles can be used to form patterns for floors, walls, and back splashes indoors or outdoors.

  1. Checkerboard: By using large squares of light and dark colored granite you can create a checkerboard effect.
  2. Solid color variant: Even if you choose one type of granite each tile will be slightly different due to the natural variants in the stone.
  3. Vertical/horizontal layout: This is where all the tiles are laid out in squares to create a traditional tiled layout.
  4. Diamond layout: This is exactly as it sounds. Tiles are laid out with points up like a diamond rather than flat side up like a square.
  5. Varying size squares: By combining large, medium, and small size granite tiles patterns can be made to form a unique look made even more so if you opt to use varying color variants.
  6. Stepping stones: For floors this can be a neat design idea with the majority of tiles being one color, and select tiles of a different color to provide the visual of stepping stones leading to a reception desk, or from one doorway to another.
  7. Mosaic: Choosing multiple color variations can allow you to make virtually any pattern combination similar to ceramic mosaics, but with the added durability that only granite can offer.
  8. Bars and stripes: This also involves choosing two different types such as a light and dark tile to lay out in alternating lines for a bars or stripes look.
  9. Bar graph: Laying out different colors for a bar graph appearance is another way to add a distinctive accent without an overly complicated pattern.
  10. Fading transition: Choosing tiles of similar color that can be laid out from darkest to lightest or vice verse on a wall can give the impression of a brightening or darkening sky. This works particularly well with granite colors with golden tones, flecks, or veins running through.

There is virtually no limit to the patterns or designs that one can conceive of utilizing granite tiles. Laid properly they can out last any other material, requiring only occasional sealing. Granite is stain resistant to the point of it being almost a non-issue. Dry dust mopping floors regularly with only the occasional mopping is all that is required for even the highest traffic areas. Spills should be cleaned immediately to reduce the risk of slipping.

Used for walls, back splashes, and countertops the maintenance is about the same. Wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time, cleaning up spilled liquids immediately to reduce the need for further cleaning. Mild soap or simply using hot water is all that is really necessary to get the job done.

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