There is always a reasonable alternative to “the real thing”. A lot of substitutions have become widely accepted, if not commonplace. The cosmetic industry makes its highly lucrative living off of providing substitutes for what’s real. Giving people the personal look and feel that they want will usually come at a price. Designing or remodeling your home’s kitchen will take the same type of consideration that a new toupee or wig for your head would. Should you go with what’s real? Or should you take the most inexpensive route?

The Bottom Line

The answers really depend on personal preference, and priorities. For some people, it’s just not enough to cover a bald spot with a toupee. But it’s also important that the hairpiece looks authentic. For others, money is simply the bottom line. If the toupee can cover the bald spot, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase it, then that’s the one for them. That rationale may seem overly simplistic. But for many, these choices are not much more difficult. The rest of us may require a little more information on our countertop choices before deciding.

Consider The Costs

Before moving off of money, let’s consider pricing again. If the cost is the only determining factor, faux granite should win hands down. Even though the costs of faux granite are exceptionally lower than genuine granite, a consumer should still do their due diligence in researching. Many companies may promote costs that do not cover everything that’s going to be required. For instance, an advertisement for faux granite might appear really cheap, but may fail to include labor costs for installation. Failing to do simple research could have a consumer end up spending more than they ever expected. They might have considered getting real granite had they known the actual cost.

Genuine granite can be out of many homeowners’ budget ranges. When all factors are considered, its overall costs may be closer to the faux granite than originally expected. With that in mind, genuine granite countertops should be viewed as an investment. Granite countertops will definitely add value to your home, which will make its resell potentials much higher. On the contrary, faux granite may actually be a liability in the eyes of some future buyers. The money any buyer would have to invest in a home without high quality countertops will more than likely be deducted from any bid.