Unlike the kitchen where countertops are used as cutting boards and cooking prep space, bathroom countertops can be more about aesthetics and luxurious design. However, there is a way to enhance the luxurious feel of your bathroom and ensure its longevity.

When deciding what material to use arguably one of the finest is granite for its natural long lasting, stain-resistant beauty. Marble and glass can also look great, but are not nearly as durable. Though durability might not be at the top of the concerns list with bathroom countertops consider the effect of accidentally leaving a curling iron on. Both marble and glass can discolor under excessive heat exposure.

Choosing the design of your countertops will depend upon the kind of sink, whether it is an inset or raised design, the countertops will need to be cut with that in mind. Countertops that extend to either side of the sink for added space is a lovely feature for laying out hygiene products when dressing for work or evenings. Who says you don’t need workspace in the bathroom? Whether it’s a gentleman’s shaving utensils or a lady’s makeup the ability to attend to these things without having items constantly falling into the sink due to too little workspace is a much appreciated bonus.

When it comes to the look, nothing has a richer appearance than natural stone, especially with its subtle variations and tones. There is a color texture that can match and enhance the look of any bathroom theme, whether you are looking for a traditional color scheme or something more exotic. Few materials offer the richness and durability of granite, adding another layer of luxury to any bathroom.

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