How exciting!  You’re using granite for your next remodeling project.  You won’t regret it.  Granite is a superior remodeling product offering durability and elegance.  You may struggle however with deciding which color granite to use, mainly because there are a surprising number of options. We here at Affordable Surface Products for instance offer the following colors: Bain Brooke Brown, New Caledonia, Santa Cecelia, Ming gold and white pearl.  Granite falls under six color palettes which are black, azul, white, gold and copper, green and rose. You can click here to see the full range and our blog offers some suggestions to help you select the right color granite.

Light versus dark

First, expert suggests choosing light versus dark granite.  Each will offer a different look and feel.  If your kitchen is dark, you may want lighter granite to offer a stark contrast, or, you may want to keep everything in the darker tones.

Black can make an area look smaller

Black granite is really popular because it offers a stunning, dramatic countertop to your kitchen or bathroom.  However, experts say black countertops will make your area look smaller, so keep this in mind if your kitchen is a relatively small space.

Lighter granite makes an area look more spacious

Adding lighter colored granite countertops to your kitchen will open up the kitchen, making it look more roomy and spacious.

Find granite that contrasts your cabinets and hardware

Another tip from the experts is choosing granite that offers a color contrast to your cabinets, refrigerator and microwave.

Find a color that would appeal to others

We suggest this only because granite countertops add so much to the resale value of your home.  Therefore, choose a color that may appeal to others.

Keep us in mind when planning your next granite project.  We would love to work with you!  Call us at 336-375-5672 today.