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Design Aspects of Granite Countertops

Selecting new granite countertops for your kitchens and bathrooms can be very exciting. With this one design upgrade, you’re adding a value to your home in the current aesthetics and in potential resale value. Many people will choose their particular granite design without a thorough inspection of the stone itself. This ultimately affects the owner’s satisfaction with the selected product. The following are three design aspects to consider when upgrading with a granite countertop.


The first choice that will usually be made is the color. This color will be the anchor for every other add-on or accessory. Plus it will communicate the overall mood or theme of the room. Given its importance, any designer should always look at the entire slab of granite, as opposed to a small handheld sample. These are intended to be representative of the entire slab that will be installed. However, the variance in colors and patterns of the granite can be great. So much so that two samples can look like they came from completely different slabs. While we might admire the beauty of the whole slab, it may not be consistent with our vision.


In the same way, beautiful granite countertops can vary in pattern throughout the stone. When viewing a sample, the small portion could very well contain the colors you’re looking for. But when you view the slab in its entirety, it can quickly become obvious how the patterns were not properly represented. It can be hard to section off a small sample that will give any buyer the full picture they need. Even when the sample is showing very consistent and uniform colors and patterns, that may not be true of the entire slab. Beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, and what one person may think is beautiful, another may think is excessive. Always make buying options after you see the complete picture.


Throughout the home, most people want their granite countertops to be consistent and supplement the rest of the home’s décor. When dealing specifically with granite, it’s important to make sure you’re matching the correct slabs together. Meaning, installing a particular named design in the kitchen, and putting the same name design in the bathroom or other part of the house does not always mean matching. Granite slabs may originate from the same rock quarry, and have the same name. But they may be extracted from deeper mines. This affects the saturation and appearance of the colors. Also showroom floor samples are usually outdated, and not representative of what’s actually currently available at the granite yard.

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Pros and Cons of Granite Bathroom Countertops

Many people are aware of the advantages of granite when installing new countertops in the home. Aside from the beauty, the durability is a major reason for homeowners choosing it. The kitchen is probably the most popular setting for a granite countertop. The fact that it’s impervious to heat is a good bonus for the kitchen. However, when venturing outside of the kitchen to the bathroom, the same rules apply. But do granite bathroom countertop have pros and cons?


As I mentioned, granite’s natural properties and look will improve any kitchen’s countertops. The bathroom is no different in that regard. In fact, granite’s resistance to water would especially come in handy in the bathroom. Protection from over-exposure to water is important in the kitchen. But the stone’s potential contact with water will probably be much higher in the bathroom. Granite is the least porous of all other natural stones like marble. Therefore, the chances of granite breaking down from consistent water exposure are practically non-existent.

Despite its heavy-duty and durable nature, granite is very versatile. It can be purchased in slabs or in tiles to suit individual styles and preferences. The same heavyweight characteristics will be accomplished with either tiles or slabs. The granite’s ability to be cut into any dimensions, allows homeowners to design and decorate their bathroom with unique and creative ways. They can also be tinted in almost any color. Again, when a sealant is applied they are virtually water resistant. Adding granite countertops to any bathroom will separate it from the ordinary.


The main disadvantages to granite countertops in the bathroom are the sheer weight of the stone. Granite is massive and heavy, especially if a single slab is used for the installation. If it’s broken down into tiles, they will still be extremely heavy, but much more manageable. This could not only make the installation a more problematic task, but will also factor into the ability to transport the granite to the home. These costs can become expensive as well.

When the granite gets to the site, it can be difficult to maneuver into the right position. There could be obstacles, like staircases, that can prove very challenging to scale with the granite. Such problems with installation will not typically occur with a kitchen. They are much more accessible than most bathrooms will be. Upon encountering these difficulties, some people will wonder if it was actually worth the trouble. Most people won’t think twice though. The upgrade to the bathroom will prove worth the effort, and continue to increase the home’s resale value. It’s still good to know what to expect.

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Granite Countertops: High gloss vs. Semi-gloss

Anyone who purchases granite countertops probably does so for the beauty of the stone. The durability and the ease in cleaning are also great features, but if it doesn’t shine, homeowners aren’t going to see the value in the investment. Assuming the shine is the main attraction, you should always make sure that’s what’s being installed. We all know that having a gloss is good, right?  But what kind of gloss? High gloss or semi-gloss? Uhhh . . . What’s the difference?

Sometimes homeowners confuse the “gloss” in a countertop with the shine that’s applied to the surface using a particular cleaning product. The gloss is actually achieved early in the manufacturing process of the stone. The factory has huge abrasive machines that grind down the stone for hours upon hours. This process gives the stone the smoothest texture possible as well as provides that ability to shine.


The amount of the grinding that’s done to the granite determines the level of gloss. Most people will choose the best finish they can get with their countertop. This is the high-gloss, but it will be the more expensive option. The extra cost for a high gloss finish is basically due to the amount of additional hours that this must be added to this already lengthy process.  The granite is suitable for home installation at a lot earlier in the process for much less money.


If the price is a concern for your new granite countertop installation, it may be just as acceptable to choose a semi-gloss finish. This only means that the granite did not receive as thorough a grinding down from the abrasive machines. These hours saved at the factory will ultimately be passed on to the consumer in a reduced pricing. It’s possible that only a trained eye would be able to detect the difference, but most people will still choose the high gloss finish because it is the best quality.

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How to Design Luxury Kitchen Countertops

Few things improve a kitchen like luxury countertops, and when it comes to the union of form and function nothing is more luxurious than granite. Granite is a naturally occurring stone available in a wide array of color variations.

The color variations in the stone are caused by the mineral content and natural formation of the quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar, making each countertop unique and one of a kind while complementing the color palette of your kitchen.

When choosing the right color variation for your kitchen it is best to see as big a sample as possible in a showroom. This gives you the best idea of the overall idea for how the finished product will look; however, it is important to keep in mind that there will be subtle differences.

In addition to being one of the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen enhancements, countertops made of granite are incredibly durable making them a practical investment as well. Granite can withstand direct heat from pots or pans placed on it even after being removed from the stove. It is also scratch resistant allowing for cutting to be performed directly on its surface without worry. This means whether you are a culinary master or a novice these countertops have the potential to stand up to daily use, and are easy to clean.

Accurate measurement of the dimensions for placement of granite countertops is essential for proper cutting of the stone slabs. Granite is specifically cut to insure proper fitting for sink integration, and any other recessed fixtures such as soap dispensers. Just because it is a stone product doesn’t necessarily reduce the creative design options possible for an added elegance to your kitchen.

Contact Affordable Surface Products for a variety of luxurious granite selections from standard to exotic options to create your ideal luxury kitchen countertops. We service Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, and the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina.


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Five Reasons Why Homeowners Prefer Granite Countertops in the Kitchen

Granite countertops can totally transform the look and feel of your kitchen. The strength, durability, and beauty of granite make it an ideal choice for individuals who want to create an upscale, sophisticated feel to their kitchen. When properly installed and maintained, granite will remain in top condition for many years to come. Listed below are five reasons why granite is the ideal choice for kitchen countertops.

  1. Add Value to Your Home: Remodeling a kitchen is a good investment in your home. Granite countertops give the entire room an upscale, high-end look that homebuyers will appreciate. Granite is classic and timeless. It will never go out of style.
  2. Upscale Product: With granite countertops, your entire kitchen looks richer and more elegant. Your friends and family will immediately notice the luxurious feel and richness of the stone. Granite is available in a variety of colors and styles that blend with any décor.
  3. Durable: Granite is the most durable and easy to maintain of all natural stone products. This makes it an ideal surface for food preparation or any other task you perform in your kitchen.
  4. Sanitary: This natural stone is mildew and mold resistant. Granite is a sanitary surface that is safe for food preparation and all of the activities that take place in the kitchen.
  5. Affordable: Granite is much more affordable than you may realize. In fact, it can be less expensive than some synthetic products. The team at Affordable Surface Products will work with you to find granite that meets your budget and surpasses your expectations.

Whether you prefer granite countertops for your bathroom or kitchen, Affordable Surface Products of Greensboro, NC delivers high quality and affordable stones to customers across Winston Salem, High Point, Kernersville, and the entire Piedmont Triad. Visit our showroom at 100 Bonita Drive or contact us for a free quote.

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