Popular Countertop and Backsplash Combinations

What’s “hot” in most kitchens these days is not only the stove, but also a fabulous granite countertop and backsplash combinations. With just the contemporary luxury of a granite countertop, the home’s value and beauty will increase greatly. But for a unique style and décor that sets you further apart, design a backsplash to go with that countertop. Here are a few tips when creating your granite countertop and backsplash combination.

Granite’s the Star

It’s important to remember, whenever you’re choosing additional materials for your kitchen that they should all complement the granite. The additional design materials should always have their own flavor, but they should never disrupt the natural aesthetic created by the granite. One simple way to help this is by matching the backsplash color as closely to the granite as possible. That will add a more consistent and streamlined appearance to the kitchen.

Mix it Up

To add a little complexity in the design, the backsplash tiles could also be arranged in specific patterns.  These patterns could be made up of colors and shades that all complement the granite. This is a simple way to provide just the right amount of personal flair, and still maintain a consistent color scheme. There are a wide variety of options all depending on personal preference, and the originality of your vision.

Family Stone

Using another natural stone is also a popular option. Using a stone other than granite for your backsplash tiles will set them apart, but not necessarily make them incompatible. Granite can match well with many other stone materials, like marble, limestone, slate, soapstone, and others. The key is to make sure the colors complement each other, and do not foster any conflicting themes. The diversity of the two stones will only add to the beauty of each other.

Some homeowners are looking for a design that guests will never forget. This is when they will need to get creative. The backsplash tile must always match the granite, but the ways in which the backsplash is designed are almost limitless. And using a multitude of natural stone materials in the backsplash will definitely create a unique look. The mosaic of natural stones can create a beauty that’s rarely duplicated. Also, incorporating more of the kitchen in the backsplash design only re-enforces the desired themes.


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Decorating Options for Granite Countertops: The Backsplash

Anyone who has seen and felt granite as a home stone product knows how beautiful it can make any bathroom or kitchen countertop. Certain stone products, especially granite, are timeless. They’ve been used for centuries in ancient and modern civilizations throughout the world. Even though granite has stood the test of time, there might still be questions about how “dated” using granite is.

This is a fair question for anything that’s been depended upon for so many years. Technology, cultures, and trends bring about new ideas and new sensibilities all the time. Granite’s fairly recent popularity could add to a sense that granite may no longer be on the cutting edge of interior design.

Even if this thinking were popular, anybody who decided to make a change from their granite countertops would quickly realize all the aesthetic and tangible features they’d be missing. The practical benefits of granite, the beauty and the convenience, are more than enough to deter anyone from turning away from granite countertops. But, every once and a while, we may have an itch for a decorating change, or have an impulse to shake things up a bit. One of the changes a granite countertop can make is to the backsplash.

The backsplash options are numerous, and it would be wisest to make the backsplash the last choice in your kitchen design. It’s much easier to match the backsplash to the countertop, as opposed to vice versa. The color and material of the backsplash need to match or complement the countertop as much as possible. The most popular backsplash options are granite, marble, glass, and ceramic tile.

If the granite countertops have already been installed, and you are looking for decorating change, the backsplash is a great place to start. With so many options, it’s good to give them all the eye test, and see what best enhances the countertop. Check out different tile samples, or different shades of granite combinations. The backsplash is a place where homeowners can retain their quality of stone product while flexing some design muscle.

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Enhance Your Kitchen With a Stone Backsplash

Whether we are cooking, eating, or visiting, the kitchen is one of the most popular places in our homes.  Keeping it looking updated and fresh will add value and increase the appeal of your room.  A cost-effective way to spice up your kitchen is with the addition of a stone backsplash.  With a variety of textures and colors available, a stone backsplash will add interest and beauty to any kitchen.

A backsplash is designed to protect your walls from splashing food while you cook or prepare a meal.  Besides being functional, a backsplash can also add color and style to your room.  Although the area is usually very small, it can make a big impact on the look of your kitchen.

While many homeowners prefer to keep their kitchen walls, cabinets, flooring, and counters neutral, a backsplash is an easy way to introduce color.  A pop of color above your stove can change the whole look of a room.  It gives the eye an attractive focal point and adds interest to your wall.

There are a variety of natural stone tiles available to match your style and color choices.  You may prefer the seamless look of marble, the rustic look of slate, or you could mix and match stones to create a unique look all your own.

A stone backsplash is a great way to experiment with texture and color. Because the area is relatively small, you may be able to purchase expensive or unique stones that would be out of your budget for a larger project, like countertops or flooring.

Some homeowners choose to install a large slab with a decorative border while others prefer the look of tiles.  Still others use small pieces of stone to create a mosaic pattern on their wall.  Whatever your preference, stone offers a variety of options and flexibility.

Affordable Surface Products of Greensboro, NC has a large selection of stone slabs and tiles to choose from.  Visit our showroom today to talk with our knowledgeable staff about adding a custom designed kitchen backsplash in your home.

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