Granite countertops can add luxury to your bathroom as well as provide practical surfaces. Here are some cool ideas to enhance your bathroom with countertops made of granite.

  • A step countertop design to allow for items to be placed on a raised platform can free up the area directly around the sink, and provide a unique display for ease of access.
  • Countertops cut with curved corners add elegance and can soften the look that harsh, geometric angles can cause.
  • Granite is available in various shades. Choosing a lighter color variation can brighten and even give the illusion of openness to small bathrooms, while darker colors can add richness.
  • Paring your granite countertop with complementary granite tiling of a customized shower provides a long lasting luxurious environment, requiring no more maintenance than any well cared for bathroom design.
  • Designing your granite countertop to accommodate a raised basin sink as opposed to the traditional inset can offer extra space for practical purposes while also showcasing the beauty of the countertops.

Granite is the most durable substance for countertop construction. It is resistant to heat damage from curling irons accidentally left on, unlikely to stain due to spilled hygiene products such as perfume oils and aftershave, and impervious to chipping or scratching due to accidental dropping of items such as curling irons or electric shavers.

There are virtually no limits to how it can be cut for a customized look that is guaranteed to be unique for your bathroom. The natural variations of color textures in granite make every countertop a one of a kind piece work of art that is more than simply utilitarian. Why not have the best of both beauty and practicality?

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