Why go out to a watering hole when you can create the ideal celebration or relaxation spot at home with either an indoor or outdoor bar with stylish granite countertops? When it comes to looks, versatility, and durability granite is the way to go.

Granite is the ideal material for a bar countertop for a den or a classy outdoor patio. Caring for granite countertops outside is no more of a hassle than cleaning anything else outside. Basic cleaning is the same regardless of location. Simply rinse with water and use mild soap. To cut down on the need to clean off debris from trees and animals, cover outdoor countertops when not in use.

  1. On Tap: If you plan to entertain big, say for those sports nights with the guys, then having a customized beer tap installed can allow for all the fun of a sports bar at home.
  2. In the Corner: Designing your bar to occupy a corner of your den or library or even your living room similar to a corner bookcase is a way to conserve space, and keep within the style of the room.
  3. Walk-Up Mini Bar: Bars do not have to be elaborate to be present. A mini bar can be designed to resemble an elegant side table.
  4. Among the Books: A home bar can be discretely incorporated with a bookcase along the wall.
  5. An Island: An island design, similar to a kitchen island, allows for the placement of a couple of stools. This design can work well indoors or out. If it is outdoors then a custom built grill can add to the alfresco atmosphere.
  6. Lovely L: An L-shape design can be utilized for most basement bars as it can be large or small, and topped with granite as opposed to wood can enhance the overall appearance.
  7. Party Hut: Constructing a hut like bar is great for outdoors to shade you and your guests from the sun, and keep your granite cool to the touch.
  8. Bartender Box: A cubical design puts you in the center of your home bar for the full cocktail effect.
  9. Solid Slab: Having your bar cut from a solid slab ensures a smooth even finish.
  10. Tiled Top: A bar top made of granite tiles can give you all the durability of granite, but may allow a more unique design.

Contact Affordable Surface Products for a variety of granite selections from standard to exotic options for your home indoor or outdoor bar. We service Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, and the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina.